porno - porno - porno - porno izle We managed to secure passenger and care responsibly at the time of the Sandstorm
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We managed to secure passenger and care responsibly at the time of the Sandstorm

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Technical and administrative efforts succeeded Palestinian Airlines rerouted flight of Palestinian No. 152 to Taba sandstormInternational Airport on Monday, which allowed the weather conditions and visibility

when landing the Palestinian plane safety. Came of those efforts and care on the instructions of Dr. Ali Abu Zuhri , the head of the Supreme Council for airlines and Minister of Transport and Communications, Captain Ziad al Bada , general manager of Palestinian Airlines and a specialized team from the Ministry of Transportation, who followed the route and gave her the necessary technical assistance, The Palestinian Airline all provided meals and comfort for all passengers who were on board the next flight from Port Oman air. When improved visibility plane took off and landed at the airport in El-Arish seven o'clock the evening of the same day - Monday.
Based on intensive and ongoing communications Dr. Abu Zuhri, and Barakat Al Farra, the representative of the Embassy of Palestine in Cairo with the Egyptian leadership has been the opening of the airport and the Rafah crossing to enter the exceptional goods and passengers who arrived in the closure of the crossing times, so advance Dr. Abu Zuhri, on behalf of the Palestinian Airlines with great thanks and appreciation and gratitude to the Egyptian leadership on this blessed effort stressing the depth of the brotherly relations between the two countries and peoples, Palestinian, Egyptian. Abu Zuhri said Palestinian Airlines will continue to move and travel insurance Palestinian citizens and all conditions of safety, responsibility and safety adopted by the underlying global air navigation