porno - porno - porno - porno izle Last Group of Omra stranded in Saudi Arabia Arrived
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Last Group of Omra stranded in Saudi Arabia Arrived

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p11Permit issued by the Director General of the Palestinian Airlines captain / Aref Hamdan

Later to previous our statements regarding the return of pilgrims stranded in Saudi Arabia has been the praise of God return of the last batch of pilgrims today approved


Has been the return of pilgrims for three days 

  • The first day corresponding to 07/16/2013 and the arrival of 599 passengers 
  • On the second day, corresponding to 07/17/2013 and the arrival of 603 passengers
  • On the third day, corresponding to 07/18/2013 and the arrival of 544 passengers at Cairo International Airport and from there to the Rafah crossing

Now they have arrived in the praise of God to the Rafah crossing and wish them continued health and wellness and Umrah God's blessing

Palestinian fonts and seize this opportunity represented by the Director General Arif captain Hamdan congratulated the Palestinian people on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan returned to us and God on the Islamic nation in Yemen and blessings